Hi. I'm Rebecca. 


I'm the big “Head Cheese” extraordinaire of Studio Promo. I know, right – don’t act like you’re not impressed…

Promotional products are fun – the most fun I’ve had in almost 20 years in the marketing industry. But they're also essential to your brand and image. Whether you are a small community based charity, a local business, or hosting a big event, your promotional products make a big statement about who you are.

From trusty t-shirts and office pens, to elegant wedding favors and classic corporate awards, the right products will carefully and effectively tell your story - often times well-beyond your expectations.

Speaking of expectations - I have access to thousands (-thousands!-) of products, which means you get oooodles of options at great prices. Whether your ideas are classic or quirky, if you want to put a logo on it, it’s likely just a few clicks away.

And don't stress about those logos… If you already have a design file or logo image, that’s excellent. But if you need a new logo or custom design, I can help with that too.

Whether you’ve done this dozens of times…or just have dozens of ideas, I’m here to make this easy – and…fun. Surf the website or give me a call – or both – and we'll have a chat, even if you're not sure where to start.

Talk to you soon.